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Freelance Photography Jobs – Getting Started

Freelance photography jobs are in high demand and fun to do. The good thing is that if you love photography and have a camera then it is easy become a photographer. However, the difficult thing can be knowing how to get started in the business. While many startup photographers dream big, it’s important to score those smaller gigs so that you can get practice and clients.

But how to find those freelance photography jobs? I spoke to my photography friends, and they offered this advice.

Offer To Do Free or Low-Cost Shoots for Friends and Family

When you’re first getting started in the photography business, you have to find clients. But the good news is that almost everyone at some time needs or wants professional pictures taken, so your pool of clients is huge!

The problem for a lot of people, though, is that pictures can be expensive. That’s where you come in with your offer of free or low-cost photo shoots. Simply explain through word-of-mouth or on social media that you want to get some practice for your new business, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a booking within a week.

Yes, you’ll be out some money, but it’s a great way to build your portfolio. Once you have that, you can showcase your skills to future paying customers.

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Choose Your Photography Niche

As you begin your freelancing photography career you will probably shoot anything that comes your way. That’s what photographers do. However, if you haven’t already, you will soon discover that there are certain photography fields that you prefer more than others.

Weddings, family photos, head shots, and the like are all in high demand when it comes to picture taking. As you expand your experience you will naturally gravitate to an area of expertise that you enjoy and are good at.

When you narrow the type of pictures you want to take, you can more easily market yourself to that set of potential customers, and you’ll have lots of sample photos to show off.

As an added benefit, it’s easier to get referrals in a niche field. A newlywed couple certainly knows other engaged couples. In the same way, a business manager who is happy with your photos of his or her employees knows of other companies who need the same thing.

Freelance Photography Jobs Online

As we have mentioned, the key to expanding your client base is building your resume and portfolio with some amazing photo shoots. Working for cheap with family and friends is a good way to start.

Once you have done that, you can feel much better about expanding into the public arena. Now, you will be able to display your work either in a catalog or online on your own website.

Once you are online, the sky is the limit since anyone in the world can find you. You can:

• Network personally and invite people to your page;
• Spread the word through your social media page (I’d highly recommend setting up a robust social media page);
• Attract searches through good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you aren’t sure how to do that, there are many services that can help you out.

In addition, you can find lots of potential freelance photography jobs by searching job boards like indeed, Upwork, and ZipRecruiter.

If you don’t find much success right off the bat, keep at it. Believe me, there are lots of people ready to hire photographers that take great pictures.


black camera lens is an example of a tool you will need if you take a freelance photography gig

Sell Your Individual Pictures Online Over and Over Again

Did you know that you can make money freelancing in the photography business without even having to talk to potential customers?

It’s true. There are sites that allow you to post pictures where the entire world can see them. As a result, if someone likes your picture, they simply pay for it, and you get the money.

This is a great way to get your work exposed to a wide market and meet new prospects. You will also be able to find freelance photography jobs from home.

My favorite site of this type is Photography-Jobs.net. They have a 7-day trial so you can decide if this route is the best for you. But I’d definitely give them a look.

Freelance Photography Jobs Are Everywhere

One of the great things about being a freelance photographer is that jobs are everywhere. In addition, you aren’t bound by someone else’s schedule or client list.

If you are willing to start small, work hard, and learn a lot, you can find work in no time!

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