this picture of a mountain above the clouds is a beautiful example of landscape photography

What You Must Know To Get Landscape Photography Jobs

It’s a match made in the heavens! You love nature, and you love photography. Perfect! They go great together. But now you want to make money doing it? Not a problem. Since landscape photography jobs are in demand, and there is landscape all around you, the sky is literally your limit.

To get you started, we put together a list of things you need to know before you begin your journey to photography success.

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Patience is Key in Landscape Photography

If you take family photos, you book the appointment, the client shows up, you snap some pics, and move on. If a bride entrusts her wedding pictures to you, you show up, do your thing, and go home.

When it comes to landscape photography, you are at the mercy of the universe. The sun will come up, but what if it’s windy, cold, rainy, or cloudy? The shot you’ve been looking forward to might not be available when you are.

It is very important to have patience when taking pictures of nature. The world may not cooperate, and unlike a grumpy 4-year-old, it can’t be bribed with candy.

This picture of a roadway with a field and trees next to it with a rainbow, clouds, and blue sky in the background is a great example of landscape photography.

Don’t Be Afraid of Movement

Most photographers out in the wild are most comfortable taking pictures of still objects. A beautiful bird or a majestic mountain.

What many forget about – or are scared of – is that some of the most stunning prints are of movement. A roaring fire or a raging river. A picture of nature on the run captures the imagination.

What frightens some landscape photographers is that they cannot get the object to look exactly the way they want to look. However, that is actually the key to a breathtaking photo. Nature is unreliable. Don’t be afraid to show that off.

To become great at taking pictures of a moving landscape you will need to experiment and practice with different locales, lighting, and equipment. What about filters? Is a tripod necessary?

rushing water over rocks is a perfect example of motion landscape photography

Be Open-Minded With Your Tripod

When you make your living by booking landscape photography jobs, it is easy to get in a rush, take just your camera and get to work.

And you can take a lot of good shots in a short amount of time by doing that.

However, don’t dismiss the tripod. Every photographer knows the disappointment of seeing that your prized shot wasn’t so great because of how fuzzy the photo turned out. The tripod is heavy and bulky, but if you are looking for just the right picture, especially with a moving target, you will appreciate the steadiness that comes with a tripod.

Be Aware Of The Blue Hour

While it’s not actually an hour – more like 30 minutes – the blue hour is the time of day that occurs right before the sun rises and right after the sun sets.

During this time the sky is a unique color of blue that doesn’t happen at any other time of day. It is a great time to photograph landscape, especially cities.

You have to be on time and prepared to get good shots during the blue hour, and it takes practice to get great shots, but once you learn how to do it, you will have some great shots that can make you a decent amount of money.

So don’t pack up at sunset. Stick around for a bonus.

There is more to learn about the blue hour than I can go into here, but for more information, here is a great explanation.

this is an example of the blue hour and how beautiful the sky is right after sunset
The blue hour. Notice the remnant of the sunset at the horizon.

Take Pictures Of The Same Subject From Different Angles

Do you know why television shows and movies have multiple cameras to shoot the same scene? It’s because the director knows that each angle presents a different version of the story that is being told.

In the same way, you should shoot your landscaping projects from multiple perspectives. Give yourself enough time and ability to shoot from the front, back, side, above, below, and anywhere else you think might produce an amazing picture.

One of the best things about being a professional photographer is the creativity that the career allows. There is nothing that holds you back. Take as many shots from as many angles as you can so that you know you have everything covered to produce the perfect photo.

this view of a castle from the bottom looking up is a great example of using angles and perspective in landscape photography

How To Make Money From Freelance Landscape Photography

Once you learn to take beautiful landscape pictures, it is natural to want to start a business and find a way making money doing it.

A difference between a landscape photography gig and jobs that involve taking pictures of people – such as weddings and family photos – is that nature can’t hire you. Therefore, you have to be able to market yourself.

The best way I know of to get your pictures available to the general public for purchase is through Through this program you learn how to post your landscape pictures online so you can begin making money as soon as possible. You can find out more about this here. Definitely check them out.

Landscape Photography Jobs Are All Around

The keys to landscape photography jobs are all around you. All you need is the initiative to get started and creativity to find the perfect shot.

You don’t have to sit in an office, and you get to enjoy the fresh air. Have some patience, be willing to learn, and experiment to find out what works best for you, and you will be earning income from taking pictures of nature in no time.

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