this view of Manhattan is taken with black and white photography to show the value that can come with removing the color from the picture

Top Secrets to Black and White Photography

I remember getting my first CD. It was magical. No more cassette tapes. No more figuring out how to work the turntable. But then guess what happened? Vinyl records are back in style. They won’t be taking over the world, but people enjoy the sound and nostalgia that comes from a true record. The same goes with black and white photography.

With black and white photography, you obviously miss out on perhaps the most important aspect of a picture: the color. But leaving out the color can enhance other things you didn’t think about. And black and white can be in style. In fact, the 2019 Oscar nominated movie Roma was in black and white.

this black and white photography of a girl walking down a dirt road holding a large teddy bear shows more emotion that it would if it were in color

Bring Out The Emotion Of A Picture

The most important aspect of black and white photography is making the viewing experience and emotional one. Even if you grew up in the age of color photographs and television, a black and white picture brings back memories and nostalgia.

A simple way to learn how to take good black and white pictures is to find old stuff and shoot. Search out old homes, antique cars, and abandoned store fronts. Ask a senior citizen in your family if they wouldn’t mind being your subject. They’d probably love to help.

Once you learn the basics, then you can do your best to make anything an emotional experience for the viewer, no matter what you are shooting.

Make Your Viewers Think

A good black and white photograph will make the viewer want to know more about the picture’s subject. When was this taken? What got this person to this place in time?

Expressions come across so well in black and white pictures. Landscapes show can somehow show more detail when color is left out.

One of your goals of a black and white picture should be to let the imaginations run wild for the person looking at the photograph.

awesome black and white picture of a train bridge trestle and railroad track

How To Sell Black And White Photographs

Once you feel you have mastered the ability to take great black and white photographs, it’s only natural to want to make some money, or maybe a full-time living, by selling these photos.

There are several ways you can go about doing this. Freelance is probably the most popular method (although I have a freelance on steroids option below).

When you are a freelance photographer, you have the freedom to work wherever you want whenever you want. The problem is you then have to find people to sell your pictures too.

Sometimes, freelance work starts with a call to photographers. If that’s the case, then you at least have your customer and their needs, but you now have to abide by their instructions.

Selling Black And White Pictures Online

I mentioned above the idea of freelance photography work on steroids. What if you could sell the same sets of photos over and over again.

It’s possible through the internet. You can place your photos on sites and allow individuals who need your awesome photo to pay you a royalty to use the picture for their website, marketing materials, etc.

How do you do that? The best way I’ve seen is through You can learn how all of the most successful freelance photographers make great money by posting their pictures online. has a 7-day trial, so it’s definitely worth your time to check it out.

Learn Something New By Taking Black and White Pictures

Many people overlook the uniqueness of black and white photography. However, learning to take these types of pictures is a valuable tool to have.

One of the great things about being a photographer in today’s world is the ability to take an endless number of pictures, with the ability to simply delete the ones you don’t like.

Enjoy a day with your camera, and practice taking a perfect black and white shot.

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